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Prasoon Gupta

Thanks for your interest in my place; this is me Prasoon, a search marketing professional (a class of people who understand little better, why a website is appearing on a particular position on search results).

I like practicing internet marketing, to the extent that at one point, I decided this to be my profession for life, so now you know the reason why are you seeing at the title bar of this page, the term “Digital Marketing Expert”!

I have created [it took me exactly 4 hours 55 mins 30 seconds] this blog [built on word press] to consolidate all my learning’s at a place, that’s accessible from across the globe. Believe me from any corner of the space (just the Internet connectivity needed) , if you make a search for Prasoon Gupta, you might find this page as the first place you going to land!

I belong to Lucknow, capital of state UP, famous for its cuisine and distinct culture a.k.a “tehzeeb” and ‘najakat ” and “nafasat” . As the entire India is transiting from “A” age to “E” age, the Lucknow is also witnessing a change in the way people interacted with technology. The advent of internet Era has started touching the lives of people here, and I can see them acclimatizing swiftly with this new way of living a life , wherein they can make a purchase right from their rooms, no more struggling through the narrow lanes of  old street markets! Also , their kids can get their new lessons safely at home, right in front of their screens . Gadgets are flooding the drawers and we see the whole new set of activities, which are keeping people engaged.

This transformation has led to some challenges and also the opportunities before the local businessmen, and they are struggling to conceive the changes, necessary to cope up with the demands of the new generation buyers.

With this, I would like to present my intents to launch a service suite, which helps the local business develop on and make a way through the present situation and make the most out of this mega transformation which is happening right now!

The Internet [ particularly degital media] has opened up doors to immense opportunities for scaling business, expanding market reach and increasing on revenues. A diligently crafted internet strategy can make a business Boom from nowhere!

The Service suite includes a free session on Digital Marketing, that takes you to the overview of what actually is internet doing for business, and where in your business the internet and digital media can fit into, we also discuss over the economic incentives, that digital tools come along  and lastly the use of internet as marketing and advertising platform. This lets you develop a proper understanding of the subject and helps you explore the possibilities, and at some stage while we decide to use the internet as a vehicle to business success, there is a bouquet of services available, that can be customized as per your need and budget.

With that said, all the people seeking a professional, who has a technical knack about Digital world and at the same time understands the business are welcome to connect with me! I am not exactly looking for a project, or an assignment here, just a friendly meeting wherein we discuss about your business and find out the ways to cope up with challenges and if there is a need felt,  my “super skills” can make you see your business reach on some of the best deserving places on Internet!
Even If nothing incredible happens, while we meet, rest assured for a healthy session and a few eye opening tips that someday will help you gain edge in this inescapable mutating Digital world!

Expert Consulting

The Prasoon gupta consulting company is based on great service, great results and great return for all our clients, first time every time for every digital marketing campaign .

Expert Training

This is one platform to gain expertise over all digital media technologies my strong network of trainer(s) and digital marketing professional strengthen me to deliver full pack of latest in industry practices , all my students have the advantage of learning in fun way and by the leaders my training session are equipped with loads of information and tips for you to enhance your knowledge

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Prasoon Gupta